Personal pet shopper! -$3

Similar to groceries to go type services we will go pick up your dog food, toys, cat litter, leashes and similar pet items you need. This service includes picking up specialty foods and medication refills at your vet. We go on Monday and Thursday. You let us know what you need, before or by 9 am, and your items will be at Carden by 4 pm and ready for you to pick up when you pick up your pet.

This is a great option for those who live in areas where home delivery is not ideal, or for getting items that aren't delivered, such as your flea and tick preventatives or pet Rx refills. Also a great choice for those who prefer to shop local. It's one, or several stops, you won't need to fit into your schedule.

Where do we go?

  • Bangor Veterinary Hospital
  • Penobscot Veterinary Services
  • Veazie Veterinary Clinic
  • Hampden Veterinary Clinic
  • Broadway Veterinary Clinic
  • River Road Veterinary Hospital
  • Kindred Spirits Veterinary
  • Timberland Animal Hospital

  • Loyal Biscuit Company
  • Country Kennel
  • Tractor Supply
  • Pet Pro
  • PetSmart
  • Green Acres Kennel Shop
  • Petco
  • Target


  • We will need your preferred brands, weights and flavors, a second choice if all local sources are out of your first choice.
  • If we're picking up from your vet you will have to call ahead to give them the ok, and place your request.
  • Want to use your rewards cards or coupons? We will need the phone number attached to your account or your actual card and we can rack up those points for you. We can redeem your coupons too!
  • We pay, and simply add the exact cost to your daycare, boarding or grooming invoice with the $3 fee.
  • We will keep notes of your brands and pets favorites and get better and better at making a shopping list for you over time.