Full Service Grooming Salon for Canines

Full Service Grooming Salon for Canines

These services are provided with compassion and expertise to every dog in our salon for grooming:

  • Hydrotherapy massage bath
  • Luxurious shampoos
  • Gentle hand washing of the face with tear free shampoo
  • Ear cleaning and flushing as needed
  • Toe nail trimming and filing
  • Noise reduction comfort
  • Hand drying
  • Haircut and style

Hydrotherapy Massage Bath

Our Power Bather produces a vigorous, penetrating spray of shampoo and warm water through a hand held sprayer that enhances the effectiveness of shampoos while providing your pet with a luxurious massage. Your pet will be perfectly clean and love the massage treatment!

Shampoo & Conditioner

chosen specifically for your pet, to cleanse, add shine, smooth and soothe with our oatmeal, medicated or hypoallergenic options

Face Wash with Tearless Shampoo

We wash your pets face by hand with a lightly foaming facial cleanser soothes and balances the skin. This mild formula has natural exfoliating activity and gently hydrates.

Ear cleansing & drying

Regular ear care is essential for the health and happiness of your pet. The gentle, effective cleansing agents in our otics remove dirt and build ups without harming a pet's ears. Deodorizing and non-staining, these products contain special ingredients to help reduce ear odor and can be used routinely to help maintain healthy ear tissue

Toe Nail Trimming & Filing

Trimming: Skillful use of a nail clipper that is well maintained and sharp for the most comfortable trim ever! Dull clippers pinch the nail before cutting and cause an uncomfortable pressure, and sometimes panic, for your pet. Your pet will love our technique and our clippers!

Filing: Using an electric rotary tool we can buff the nails to a smooth, splinter free, finish with the comfort and safety of your pet as our first priority. You will be amazed at how smooth and short the toe nails can be without stressing your pet.

Happy Hoodie

The Happy Hoodie was created to calm and protect pets from the noise and high-pressured air associated with force air drying in the grooming salon. It is a soft, expandable, fabric band with gentle compression that relieves anxiety and calms dogs during many stressful situations. It fits over the head closing the ear canal to reduce noise and absorb excess moisture. In addition to the Happy Hoodie, we also fill the ear canal with cotton. This is an important extra comfort for your pet because at the end of the drying process the Happy Hoodie must be removed to dry the head and ears. The cotton continues to dull the sound and protect the ear from the air.

Individualized Blow Dry

What does this mean? There are 3 common methods to blow dry your pet depending on coat type and desired outcome. Each has a place in a full service salon that sees a variety of pets and coat types.

  • Forced air drying is the primary, and by far, the most often used method. This hand held dryer involves a high concentration of room temperature air flow to thoroughly dry and de shed your pet.
  • Fluff drying is used to de matt, de shed and straighten the coat to prep for the perfect finish.
  • Cage drying can be used on many breeds with smooth and short hair as well as heavy coated breeds to assure that they don't go home with any damp areas. Many pets enjoy this gentle soothing method.

We go to great lengths to make this potentially stressful stage of the grooming process as pleasant and enjoyable as possible. Our number one concern is that your pet is warm, comfortable and dry without being stressed.

Advanced Conditioning Treatment: $12 add on

Warmed for a luxurious and penetrating application. Your friend will be wrapped in warmed towels to soothe dry, damaged coat and skin for 10 minutes of steamy relaxation.

A rich, luxurious cream fortified with a unique combination oils, emollients, humectants and proteins, this treatment revitalizes dry, damaged, brittle hair by boosting its natural ability to absorb and retain moisture. It also helps repair and energize damaged skin which dramatically improves its softness, suppleness and elasticity.

Aromatherapy Baths:$5 add on


Blow pen tattoo's $7

Nail polish $5

Color accents, this may be ears. Unicorn tail, mohawks and similar begin at $7

Prices begin at $25 for 25% to 100% color treatments

(Dependent on the size of the dog and color choice)

Choose from a variety of natural color enhancements or fun crazy colors! All Colors are safe for use on Animals. 25% and more color requires a consult and appointment made for color. We are sorry we are unable to offer this service as an add on due to the time required.

De Shedding Treatment

Heavily coated canines | $80/HOUR


  • Hydro-Massage Bath with Shampoo specially formulated for aiding the release of coat
  • De Shed Blow Dry
  • Shed Removal Session

De Shed Bath

Shedding is natural and necessary for a healthy coat, yet excessive hair causes tangles and mats in the coat, and a mess in the car and home. Shampooing loosens the undercoat during bathing so hair slips into the tub. Much less loose hair remains to litter the car and home. Enhanced with protein and amino acids, it fortifies and strengthens overworked and damaged hair leading to a shiny, manageable and healthy looking coat

De Shed Blow Dry

Right from the bath tub to the drying table! Shed best releases if the pores are cleansed and warm. Forced air drying is an effective yet non-invasive way to remove unwanted shed. Further your pet's coat will be thoroughly brushed and raked to remove as much loose coat as possible.

Shed Removal Session

De Shedding is complex. With this session we may use a variety of tools and products to remove loose coat. Shedding never stops so the amount of time that is spent will be dictated by the amount of coat that is coming out.

Flea Bath

$16 add on

It is our firm policy to Flea Bathe your pet immediately upon discovery of live fleas.

Hypoallergenic Spa Treatment

Hypoallergenic Shampoo | $5 add on

Hypoallergenic Shampoo
Made especially for pets with persistently sensitive, dry and allergic skin, this extra-mild, tearless shampoo is so gentle that it won't irritate while it cleans. Pure and emollient-rich, it also helps to repair dry, brittle coats. Excellent for use with all spot-on and spray-on insecticide products.

Medicated Shampoo Spa Treatment

$7 add on

Hydrotherapy Bath with Tepid Water to Soothe Irritated Skin

Maximum Chlorhexidine Bath
Antibacterial and anti fungal to treat and provide comfort for a range of skin conditions and irritants.

Seborrhea Bath
Foaming solution containing gentle hypoallergenic cleansing bases, phytophingosine 0.1% - moisturizing and film-foaming agents. Eliminates cellular residue and excess sebum. Non-irritating

Whole Paw Pedicure


This is an especially beneficial treatment in the winter:

  • Nail Trimming
  • Nail filing
  • Trimming of Excess Hair between Pads
  • Application of paw wax

Toe Nail Trimming
Nail clipping with top performance nail clippers that are well maintained and sharp for the most comfortable trim ever!

Toe Nail Buffing
Using an electric rotary tool we can buff the nails to a smooth, splinter free, finish with the comfort and safety of your pet as our first priority. You will be amazed at how short the toe nails can be without stressing your pet

Pad Treatment
Thick salve used with a warm compress quickly penetrates to help repair and heal painfully dry, cracked pads (can be applied to calloused elbows) characteristic of aging dogs and those that live in harsh or wet environments. Essential emollients and humectants help restore natural moisture. Helps prevent the reoccurrence of calluses and cracks.

Sanitary Trim

$5 add on

Trimming of Excess Hair around the Private Areas

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