While the Owners Are Away, the Pets Will Play

Arrange for cat and dog boarding services in Bangor, ME

Let your pet have their own vacation when you choose cat or dog boarding at Carden Kennels. Your dog will leap and run while you sit on the beach soaking up the sun. Our Bangor, ME dog and cat boarding facility offers:

  • Natural dog food
  • Soft music that's always playing to calm anxious pets
  • Bedding that's laundered daily for optimal sanitation
  • Radiant floor heating to keep our facility warm and toasty
Our staff will take out your pet up to five times a day for bathroom use and playtime. If your dog has special food requirements, feel free to bring their normal food. Medication administration is $3/day. The medication must be brought in the original container.

Put your pet in our best room

We have a place for every pet at our Bangor, ME cat and dog boarding facility. Figure out which dog or cat boarding area is right for your best friend:

  • Cuddle Care Loft. A quiet, climate-controlled area for small dogs and puppies.
  • Senior Care Center. A calm, extra-warm area away from the hustle and bustle.
  • Classic Canine Guest Rooms. A secure, comfortable area for ultimate privacy.
  • Cattery. A bright, clean play suite with windows, cubbies and cat trees galore.
We always prioritize the health, safety and comfort of your pet, and we never charge extra for treats, playtime or belly rubs! Call 207-942-2161 now to book your pet's next vacation.

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