Treat Your Furry Friend to Something Special

Everyone deserves a little rest and relaxation time-even your pampered pet. Carden Kennels offers additional treats you can add on to any service during your pets visit with us. We offer outdoor trail running, one on one playtime, Sunday brunch and more!

Make your pet's stay even more special with our extra services. From extra treats to dog walking, our pet daycare goes the extra mile to see your dog's tail wag. Here are a few extras you can add:

  • Treadmill - $5 / 15 min
    Our indoor canine specific treadmill is a safe and fun way to get a bit of extra activity in for your pet. Your dog can build up to 30 minute sessions but for beginners we limit their time to 15. Please call us to discuss your pets treadmill plans if you have questions.

  • The Athlete! Trail Running - $15 / 30 min
    For dogs who like to run with you.
    You must agree to your dog being transported in our vehicles.
    We will take your dog for a run (9-10 min / mile pace with potty breaks and sniff stops as needed). 1-3 miles. Your dog must be able to walk and run politely on a leash. This service is for pets who are already accustomed to running with you. If you would like training advice or to teach your dog to run with you contact the office and we would love to help you out.
    There are only 2 service times per day available for this service. In the event of very foul weather, we will notify you and reschedule your pet for a treadmill trot and adjust the rate accordingly.

  • Outdoor adventure walks! - $15 / 30 min
    This walk is outdoors with staff on a leash, can vary in duration and is weather permitting. We need your permission to transport your pet in our vehicles. Our walk location is typically Bangor City Forest Brown Woods location, just a mile away from us. We do not walk pets on the street with traffic. If you prefer your pet not ride off the property we do have the option of spending some time outside in the yard here at Carden. If your pet is not leash trained they are not a suitable candidate for this service. Please see other choices such as one on one playtime or treadmill walks.

  • Fetch, tug, Frisbee and more one on one playtime - $10 /10 min
    Does your dog love to fetch? Frisbee? Tug time? Any people time? Schedule a one on one playtime for your pet during their stay.

  • A stuffed busy toy! Oh Boy! - $3 per serving
    A "stuff-able" type chew toy filled with pumpkin puree, oatmeal & nut butter or other similar yummy things.
    *Please be advised if we observe any adverse reactions to this treat we will cease serving. GI upset, destruction of toy, or resource guarding for example.

  • Sunday Brunch - $4
    Yummy Sunday brunches! Weather it's a pick up day send off or a mid vacation treat everyone loves brunch. All brunches are sized for your pets' size. Menu options : scrambled eggs, small amount of cheese, served with mashed sweet potato, rice or oatmeal and a chunk of fresh apple or banana. Other offerings may include a hash brown waffle; shredded potato with cheese baked in a waffle iron. OR quiche! Eggs and veggies and cheese in a pup size portion.

    Call 207-378-1118 now to give your pup some extra love.