Treat your dog to a day at the spa!

Carden Kennels full-service salon offers everything your pet needs to go home fresh and pampered. We want all of our pets to look and feel their best!

Appointments with our talented groomers are available Monday to Saturday to give your pup a sharp, new look! Prices vary by breed and condition of coat. The front desk is able to provide an approximate cost.

Groom n’ Care
Give your pup a chance to play, socialize and go home with a sleek, new look! 1/2 day in daycare plus a groom available five days a week!

Drop off for a bath or add onto your pet’s next visit! Our convenient spa hours can be worked around your busy schedule. Your dog or cat will return sleek, clean and fluffy after a luxurious bath. 

Nail trimming
Regular nail trims reduce the growth of the blood vessels in the nail and also spare damage to your floors and furniture. Nail trims are just $10 and walk-ins are welcome.

Brush Out Service
Our groomer can be scheduled to brush out your dog’s coat during a stay with us. This is recommended for any coats that require regular maintenance or for any water-loving dogs that may mat after some time in the water.

Gland expression
Nobody likes to talk about it, but sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do, and your dog or cat cannot do it by themselves. Anal sacs (also called anal glands) can become impacted and uncomfortable. Dogs with impacted anal glands may scoot and / or lick in an attempt to clear the glands. Cats often lick the fur off just under their tail. Frequency of the problem is a highly individual thing. Anal gland expression is a procedure which is performed on cats or dogs when fluid inside the glands build and the animal is unable to express the fluid themselves.

A professional groomer can perform this service, but we encourage you to seek veterinary care for a diagnosis if this is your pet's first time, or if the problem is very frequent. This service is available for $15 as a stand alone visit. Just $5 as an add-on to your grooming visit.